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Things to check while buying Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs & Sockets are the most widely used smart home gadgets which make your non smart devices into smart devices very easily without much effort. It is more a plug and play device which can be used to remotely turn on/off your dumb devices by connecting them to a smart plug. You can also set schedule on your smart plugs to automatically turn on/off connected devices. They offer capabilities like monitor energy consumption. Most of them can be  controlled using voice assistants like Alexa (echo), Google Assistant (Google Home) etc as well.

Here are the few things you should check before buying a smart plug.

1. Plug\Pin Type - Different countries follow different standards for pins and sockets like US, EU (India), UK, China Plug\Pins are different and are not compatible with each other. Check below video to see the difference.

2. Voltage rating - Different countries have different voltage standards. So make sure you buy smart plugs which are compatible with your region.

3. Current rating - If you plan to connect larger appliances to the smart plug, you need a smart plug with High Ampere rating like 15A and above. For connecting smaller appliances you can use 5A to 10A.

4. Technology & compatibility - Make sure you check if smart plug is WiFi based, Zwave or Zigbee based.

5. Does it work with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

6. Does it has features like energy monitoring, scheduling etc.

You can watch my video to know more about smart plugs.

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