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Online Shopping: Best Products, Deals & Previous prices

I have created a website I have listed all the best products under each category and the best deal price I have seen so far. I have hand picked these products either after using the products or after doing extensive research on the best products in a particular category. I have also provided the lowest price I have seen so far during online shopping festivals. Hope that will help you to make informed choices while purchasing the products.

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Wipro Smart Plugs

Wipro has launched 2 new smart plugs recently. One for small appliance and another for large appliance. You can connect your devices to this smart plug and control it from anywhere. This Smart Plug works with a secured 2.4GHz Wifi wireless network without the need for a separate hub. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Lets look at the technical specification & features.
Wipro Next 10A WiFi Smart Socket is suitable for smaller appliances.Wipro Next 16A WiFi Smart Socket, ideal for controlling heavy appliances like Air Conditioner, Geysers, Microwave & other appliances via Wipro Smart App.
Specifications : 
Material: Polycarbonate
Item Dimension: 105.67.1
Package Contents: 1 Socket
2 years warranty on product
Socket Type: Indian
Pin Type: Indian 
Currrent Rating: 10 Ampere / 16 Ampere
Voltage: 100 - 240V

Features:  Energy Monitoring – Monitor the energy consumption of your Electrical appliances. Check the status of each one from your Wipro Next app and turn off ones that …

Most useful Apps that I use regularly

Here I am sharing with you the apps which I personally use to make my life easy.
For Personal productivity:
Google Keep - One of the best apps from Google. Many of you might be aware of this app. If I have to note down some important things, instead of writing on a paper I write them in Google Keep. I don't have to fear about misplacing any important notes anymore. And the best thing of this app is, the note that you have written can be shared with anyone like I have few notes written which I have shared with my family members and few with my friends. And they can edit those notes as well. This app also reminds me to take action on my To Do tasks that I have listed in the App. Another advantage of using Google Keep is it works with Google Home. So Google Home can read out your reminders saved in Google keep. This app really help me in multiple ways and saves my time and day ! 

For Grocery shopping:
Big Basket- The most important and useful app of my life. Initially my main apprehensio…

How to automate your non smart devices like AC, TV, Robotic Vacuum cleaners etc that works using normal remote.

Well there are many ways this can be done. Let us achieve this in a simpler way so that anyone without much technical knowledge can do it. There are couple of things that you need to buy for getting this done.

First you need a Smart Plug or Smart Socket to power on/off the devices. With Smart Plugs\Sockets you can set daily schedule for your devices and also connect them to your voice assistant. Also you can remotely power on/off the connected device from anywhere in the world via App and make the dumb device smart.

Next you need a smart universal remote like BoardLink or ZemiSmart Universal remote which has Infra Red (IR) blasters, to control devices like AC, TV, DVRs etc in your home, which works using IR remote control. After you set up these devices on your universal remote (through a process called learning frequency), you can easily control these devices through the App installed on your mobile phone. With the help of a smart universal remote you can then change/set the tempera…

What is a Smart Home

A smart home is a home setup where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from any internet-connected place in the world using a mobile or other networked devices. Smart homes enabled with lighting control, smart switches & plugs allow homeowners to reduce electricity use and thus helps to reduce your electric bill, saving money. Smart lights also offers an enhanced level of security by allowing you to turn on and off lights remotely while on vacation or automatically turn on when you walk in the door. Home automation systems can alert the homeowner if any motion is detected in the home while away, and some can even call the fire department in case of imminent situations. Today's smart home appliances even come with self-learning skills whereby they can learn the homeowner’s schedules and adjust as needed. While the smart home brings with it convenience and cost savings, security risks of Adept hackers gaining access to a smart home's internet-ena…

Smart Home Technologies: Z-wave vs Zigbee vs Bluetooth vs WiFi

First let's understand what are Z-wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi when it comes to Smart Home. All these are wireless protocols which allow your connected devices to “talk” to each other. Wi-Fi or short-range Bluetooth are power-intensive while Zigbee and Z-Wave use low-energy radio waves to allow the devices to remain connected to each other within your smart home. Now let's look at features, pros and cons of each of these.

Z- Wave: Runs on “mesh” networks - it makes use of a central hub connected to the internet and the signals are shared across devices without a Wi-Fi connection. Every device acts as a repeater, so the range grows based on the number of devices you have in your network. All your Z-Wave products are interoperatable (communicate with each other) regardless of how they look, how old they are, their country of origin, manufacturer, brand, or version of Z-Wave software. Z-Wave has a larger range – at 30m (100 feet) so it works better for larger houses and buildi…

Is a Dishwasher worth buying for Indian cooking style. Review of Bosch Dishwasher SMS60L12IN - Demo & features

I was hesitant to buy dishwasher thinking it won't clean Indian Utensils properly because of the oil/spices we use while preparing Indian dishes. Then came a point where I needed to save some time that I could spend with my family. After thinking through one option was to free myself from washing dishes which takes a lot effort and time. After reading multiple reviews I decided to take up the risk of buying a dishwasher. I compared various brands available in market and finally decided to go with Bosch.

Now that I am using Bosch dishwasher SMS60L12IN from past few months, I thought of sharing my personal review. Bosch Dishwasher has many good features which makes it worth buying. It comes with 12 place settings and 6 wash program. It is best for small families. This dishwasher comes with 2 year warranty. It also offers 10 years of warranty on rust for inside tub. It comes with features like aqua sensor, load sensor, top shower, eco silence drive and etc.

They provide a sample fini…

Google Home For Kids - Is it worth Buying ? All the Useful Google Home Commands for Kids !

First let us look at why Google Home is a good buy for kids.
It is a good gadget for your kids that can help to improve their general knowledge, speaking skills, listening skills without the side effects that a TV or Mobile Phone has. Unlike mobile phone and TV, Smart Speakers like Google Home has an advantage that they do not have a display, so you don't have to worry about your kids spending more time looking at bright screen which is not good for eyes. Your kids can be hooked on to these devices for hours learning new things without you having to worry about their eyes. He or She can learn spellings, counting, improve GK asking questions to Google Home, play games like quiz. It suits all ages. So as your kid grows you don't need to worry about Google Home becoming irrelevant for them. For example - If you have a small kid. Say 6 months then you can use Google Home to sing lullaby by saying 'Ok Google, sing Lullaby' Or you can ask for nursery rhymes by saying 'Ok …

Google Home: How to add smart devices in Google Home App or to Google Assistant

Today with Google Home (Google Assistant), you can control almost all your connected home devices like WiFi LED Lights, WiFi Plugs, Google Assistant enabled devices like Smart TV, Oven etc. using voice commands. Google Home has become one of central unit of Smart Homes. Today it supports most of the devices available in market and the list of supported devices is growing everyday. 

If you are new to home automation, I would highly recommend you to read my article - How to Go About Automating Your Home. You can refer to the list of commands that you can use to control your home devices under "smart home devices" section in my article  - Comprehensive list of Google Home Commands.

Comprehensive list of all Google Home and Google Assistant Commands

In this article I have listed most of Google Assistant Voice commands and I have tried to categorise them. If you have kids at home then do check my article why Google Home is worth buying for kids. Do watch my videos on Google Home to start with !

If you are looking for devices that work with google then do check my article "Home Automation Gadgets " where I have listed many smart home gadgets. Many of these are compatible with Google Home. But do double check before buying them !

I will keep updating this, so do come back again. Here goes the list.
First thing first. You can start conversation with Google Assistant by saying either Ok Google or Hey Google. Also, you can instruct Google Assistant to perform TWO actions by using 'AND', say Ok Google, 'command 1' and 'command 2'. Eg. Ok Google, increase volume to 50% and sing latest Bollywood songs
Basic Action: 
To stop/continue Google Home from what it is doing Ok Google, Stop. Ok Google, Pause. Ok Google, Pl…