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How to automate your non smart devices like AC, TV, Robotic Vacuum cleaners etc that works using normal remote.

Well there are many ways this can be done. Let us achieve this in a simpler way so that anyone without much technical knowledge can do it. There are couple of things that you need to buy for getting this done.

First you need a Smart Plug or Smart Socket to power on/off the devices. With Smart Plugs\Sockets you can set daily schedule for your devices and also connect them to your voice assistant. Also you can remotely power on/off the connected device from anywhere in the world via App and make the dumb device smart.

Next you need a smart universal remote like BoardLink or ZemiSmart Universal remote which has Infra Red (IR) blasters, to control devices like AC, TV, DVRs etc in your home, which works using IR remote control. After you set up these devices on your universal remote (through a process called learning frequency), you can easily control these devices through the App installed on your mobile phone. With the help of a smart universal remote you can then change/set the temperature of AC or change channels of your TV etc. Most smart universal remote allows you to set up a scene. A scene is a series of actions to be performed which can be setup easily in their corresponding App like changing channel by sending series of IR commands like Press 1, Press 2, Press 3. You combine it with another set of commands to lower volume - Press Volume down, Press Volume down etc. based on what you want to achieve in that scene.

Now let us consider various examples how you can use both Smart Plugs and Universal remote to automate your devices. That will give you a better idea.

Automating you traditional AC.

This can be done as below

1. Set a schedule to turn on AC at a predefined time, Say 7PM everyday in your smart plug/socket.
2. Setup universal remote to turn on AC, then set the temp of AC to 21 Degree Celsius at 7.01PM. This is achieved by setting a scene in your universal remote to send series of IR commands to 1st turn on AC, then to set Temp to 21 (Scene Actions: Press ON, Press 2, Press 1) and then setting a schedule to trigger it at 7.01PM everyday.
3. After the room has cooled down, say after 1hr you can again setup a scene & schedule to increase the temp of AC to 23.
4. Later in the night you can turn off AC at a predefined time by setting another scene on your Universal remote to power off & also a schedule in the Smart Plug/Socket to switch off at a particular time say 2AM.

Automating your TV.

Let us consider an scenario: Turn on TV at 9pm to watch your favorite TV channel. This can be done as below

1. Set a schedule to turn on TV at a predefined time, Say 8.59PM everyday in your smart plug/socket.
2. Setup universal remote to turn on TV, then set the source to HDMI (select set-top box) followed by turning on Settop Box and setting the channel. Then trigger this scene daily via schedule. This is achieved by setting a scene in your universal remote to send series of IR commands to 1st turn on TV, then to select Source, then to turn on Set-top box and then setting channel in set-top box (Scene Actions: Press TV ON, Press Set-top box ON,  Press 1, Press 2, Press 3) and then setting a schedule to trigger it at 9.00PM everyday.

Similar way you can automate any other non smart devices that works on IR remote using these 2 smart automation products. This way you can not only automate your non smart devices without missing your favourite TV programs but also can save on energy and electricity bill by turning off devices when not required actually !

To know more about Universal Remotes, you can watch below videos

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