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Welcome, Enjoy reading my articles on Smart Home Products & Home Automation.

About Me

Hi Friends,

I am Shikha Vivek.  I blog & create YouTube Videos

I write articles on Smart Home Gadgets, Home Automation, Product Reviews, Useful info, Best Products & Brands, Things to know before buying, "How to"..articles

On YouTube I upload videos related to Smart Home Gadgets, Home Automation and useful info/tips. I will guide you to make your home smart. Hope my blogs and videos will help you to make your life easier and save your time by using these smart home gadgets.

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My Blog Categories:

  • Home Automation - Here you will find all my articles related to Home Automation.
  • Smart Home Gadgets - Here you will find all my articles related to Smart Home Gadgets.
  • How to - Here you will find all my "How to" articles. 
  • Things to consider and know before buying - Here you will find all my articles related to Things to consider when buying a Gadget listed in my post and the important things you should be aware before buying one.

Feel free to comment what else you would like me to blog about.

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