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Enjoy reading my articles and watching my videos on Smart Home Products & Home Automation. You will useful information like FAQs on Smart Home Appliances, Things to check before buying Smart Home Products, Demo videos on Smart Home Products and much more !

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Home Automation

In this video, I have shown an overview of how I have automated my home and some of the best Smart Home Gadgets that I use at my home in India. Most of these smart gadgets are automated (scheduled to switch on/off automatically). Also I can control these devices through google home or from my phone from any where in the world. I find these smart gadgets very useful. They make my life easier and saves my time as well.

I will soon upload videos on each of the gadgets showing how I have automated them and how these gadgets help me in my daily life. Video Links will be updated below as and when the videos are uploaded.

Smart Home Gadgets that I use : 1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners - 2. Google Home, Google Home Mini - 3. IP Cameras (WiFi Cameras) with Alarm sensors 4. WiFi LED Bulbs 5. Motion Sensor LED Lights - 6. WiFi Plugs 7. Universal Remote 8. Door Sensors

Smart Home Gadgets

Must have Sensor Lights at Home:

In this video I have covered must have Sensor LED Lights at your home. The benefits of PIR Motion Sensor lights & Auto Sensor Bedroom (Portable) LED Lights.

Below are few links of similar products. There are many brands available in market. So please do proper research on the energy rating and features before buying them !

Cheaper options from Aliexpress:
Cheaper options from Aliexpress: If you are looking for cheapest option then check Aliexpress website (cheaper but shipped from aboard, so takes time to reach).

Induction Vs Gas Cook Top- Which is better:

In this video I have covered the benefits of cooking on Induction Cook-tops. How induction is beneficial compared to cooking on gas stoves.

They are 1. Much Efficient - Cook Faster, Saves time ! 2. Much Safer – No Fire involved 3. Less Sweat & Heat 4. Saves Money !
Cons: 1. Need Induction base vessels 2. Power Cuts can be an issue !
There are many brands available in market. So please do proper research on the energy rating and features before buying !

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