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How to use Dishwasher

In this article I have explained the step by step instructions to operate a Dishwasher.

1. Make sure inlet and outlet pipes are connected properly. Also the power cables are connected.

2. Load all the vessels upside down or side wise so that water won't get accumulated in them during cleaning. Don't stack/load one utensil over another. Also remove leftover food from the utensils if any. 
Note: Upper rack is for lighter utensils and bottom is for heavier ones. Spoons go in the cutlery basket provided. Also glasses go in the corresponding glass holder (Watch below video on how to load utensils in a dishwasher).

3. Either you need to use an All in one tablet or the below 3 things in corresponding slots.
Salt (usually once in month when refill salt  indicator light is on.)
Rinse Aid liquid (usually once in month when refill rinse aid  indicator light is on)
Again you can check my video below on how to fill these.

4. Check all the shower arms are rotating freely by spinning it one or two times with your hands. It should not get stuck with any utensil while rotating.

5. Now, close the door 

6. Press power button to turn on the dishwasher. Select one of the pre programmed washing modes based on your utensils. 

7. And press start button

Now, relax and enjoy while the dishwasher does it's job.

I have covered all these steps in detail in my YouTube video below.

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