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Ecovacs Robotics - Know the Best Ecovacs Deebot Floor Cleaning Robot models

Ecovacs Robotics is a Chinese robotics company with more than 20 years of experience in producing intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners. They are the market leaders in this space and manufactures some of the best robotic vacuum cleaners. Ecovacs Robotics was established by founder Mr. Qian Dongqi in 1998. The company today holds over 800 patents in China and overseas.

In 2006, the ECOVACS ROBOTICS brand was created. Since 2006, the company has invested to develop more than 20 new robotic products each year. In 2007, ECOVACS ROBOTICS launched its first floor-cleaning robot, the DEEBOT 5 series. In 2010, ECOVACS ROBOTICS launched a mobile air purification and humidifier robot, the ATMOBOT A330. In 2011, ECOVACS ROBOTICS launches its first window cleaning robot, the WINBOT 5 Series. In 2012, ECOVACS Europe GmbH and ECOVACS ROBOTICS Inc. were established in Germany and the US respectively. Also, FAMIBOT, the company's first internet-enabled mobile entertainment and security robot was launched. 

In 2013, ECOVACS ROBOTICS launched its first-floor cleaning robot with laser mapping and smartphone control, the DEEBOT 9 Series. In 2014, ECOVACS Japan Co., Ltd. was established in Tokyo, Japan. Also, ECOVACS ROBOTICS launched several home service robots: the ATMOBOT 5 series, the WINBOT 8 series and the DEEBOT M8 series. In 2015, ECOVACS ROBOTICS ranked No.1 in sales of small appliances at “Double 11” e-commerce festival by reaching 50 million USD in sales. Marvel Comics became an official ECOVACS ROBOTICS partner, with the launch of Avengers-themed DEEBOT series (limited edition). In 2016, ECOVACS ROBOTICS launched the UNIBOT, a multi-purpose robot (a smart robot with floor cleaning, home monitoring and air-purifying features). 

In 2017, ECOVACS ROBOTICS launched first OZMO technology in DEEBOT OZMO 930, Google Home and Alexa Support for DEEBOT. ECOVACS ROBOTICS launched the WINBOT X, a cordless window cleaning robot. In 2018, ECOVACS ROBOTICS was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. ECOVACS ROBOTICS AI Institute was established at Nanjing, China. ECOVACS ROBOTICS revealed its latest innovation in floor cleaning, the ECOVACS AIVI™ (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation).


Ecovacs Products:

DEEBOT - DEEBOT is the Floor cleaning robot which does the time-consuming housework of vacuuming and mopping the home.

WINBOT - WINBOT is the window cleaning robot which cleans windows.

ATMOBOT - Air-purifying robot. ATMOBOT provides high air quality at home.

BENEBOT - A shopping assist robot. BENEBOT provides interactive in-store sales or service assistance.

Best Ecovacs Deebot Floor Cleaning Robot:

Ecovacs Deebot T9 is the best Robotic Vacuum cleaner available in the market today. To know more about Ecovacs Deebot T9 you can check my article - click here to read about Deebot T9

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Flipkart Buying link:

Best Ecovacs Floor Cleaning Robots

Brand / Model #

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#1 Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T9


#2 Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI


#3 Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8



#4 Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950


#5 Ecovacs Deebot R95



















In my upcoming articles I will be going thru various top Ecovacs Deebot models in detail.

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