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Bosch Dishwasher Program modes explained ; Vario eco, Intensive Kadhai etc

Bosch Dishwasher India Program modes explained ; Vario eco, Intensive Kadhai etc

Bosch Dishwasher India Program Modes: Vario Eco, Intensive Kadhai, etc - When to use which program mode

You can also watch the below Hindi video which details each mode.

Let me explain the modes here in brief

Vario Eco Mode: In this mode the dishwasher saves Energy and Water. Dishwasher uses less energy which means you will save on electricity bill without compromising on cleaning. You must have noticed the dishwasher time would almost double when you activate Vario Eco Mode but still how is it able to save more energy ? You must be wondering how it is done ! Well, in this mode, the dishwasher saves energy & water by increasing the wash-cycle ! Yes, Increase in time means, the water doesn’t need much heating compared to shorter wash cycle. Also the utensils are soaped for longer, which means the dishwasher need less energy to clean them ! 

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