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Dishwasher FAQs

In this video I have covered the most frequently asked questions about Dishwashers. I have covered over 25 FAQs on Dishwasher, which I hope will clear most of the queries one would have about Dishwashers. If you are in a confused mind whether to buy a dishwasher or not, this video will help you!! You can also check the article and video on Bosch dishwasher (Refer related Articles section) which I own, to get a better idea about dishwasher. Also I have covered some tips that will help you to get best results out of your dishwasher. 

Who all should watch this video??
People who already own a dishwasher and those who are planning to buy a dishwasher.

Some topics I have covered in video - is dishwasher worth buying, does dishwasher cleans oily Indian utensils like kadhai, does it suits Indian cooking style, Electricity consumption, which utensils can be washed in dishwasher, disadvantages of dishwasher, different types of dishwasher, who should buy dishwasher and many more topics have been covered in the video.

Watch the entire video, I am sure you will find some useful information about Dishwashers.

Dishwasher I own: Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS60L12IN)

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