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Google Home For Kids - Is it worth Buying ? All the Useful Google Home Commands for Kids !

First let us look at why Google Home is a good buy for kids.

It is a good gadget for your kids that can help to improve their general knowledge, speaking skills, listening skills without the side effects that a TV or Mobile Phone has. Unlike mobile phone and TV, Smart Speakers like Google Home has an advantage that they do not have a display, so you don't have to worry about your kids spending more time looking at bright screen which is not good for eyes. Your kids can be hooked on to these devices for hours learning new things without you having to worry about their eyes. He or She can learn spellings, counting, improve GK asking questions to Google Home, play games like quiz. It suits all ages. So as your kid grows you don't need to worry about Google Home becoming irrelevant for them. For example - If you have a small kid. Say 6 months then you can use Google Home to sing lullaby by saying 'Ok Google, sing Lullaby' Or you can ask for nursery rhymes by saying 'Ok Google, play nursery rhymes'. For 1 to 2 yrs. old ones, you can make them listen to various sounds by saying 'Ok Google, sound of Cat's. or 'Ok Google, sound of Lion. Or ask spelling by saying 'Ok Google, spelling of Advice' or ask meanings of words 'Ok Google, meaning of advice' or ask to count 'Ok Google, count 1 to 100. The list is endless.

I find Google Home very useful in my life!  Considering all these I feel it is a good gadget worth buying for your kids.

I have listed below most of the Google Home commands that is useful for Kids.

For small kids
Ok Google, Sound of Cat
Ok Google, Sound of Parrot
Ok Google, Sound of Elephant
Ok Google, sound of river
Ok Google, sound of Guitar
Ok Google, Tell me a Story
Ok Google, Count 1 to 100
Ok Google, Sing nursery rhymes
Ok Google, Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Ok Google, sing lullaby

For school going kids.

Ok Google, spelling of Magazine
Ok Google, meaning of Advice
Ok Google, who is Kailash Satyarthi
Ok Google, How many rupees in a dollar
Ok Google, who invented camera
Ok Google, who invented penicillin
Ok Google, who is Salman Khan
Ok Google, how tall is Amitabh Bachchan
Ok Google, when was Tare Zameen par released
Ok Google, when was Chanakya born
Ok Google, what is the speed of Cheetah
Ok Google, why is sky blue
Ok Google, how tall is Eiffel Tower
Ok Google, what is temperament of a Pomeranian dog
Ok Google, when is father's day
Ok Google, when is sunrise
Ok Google, What time is it in New York
Ok Google, how many days until Christmas Day
Ok Google, Capital of Australia
Ok Google, What is population of India
Ok Google, who is the president of America
Ok Google, where is Antarctica
Ok Google, when is winter season in India
Ok Google, who invented Computer
Ok Google, when was constitution of India formed

Ok Google, multiply 25 and 82
Ok Google, add 64 and 96O
Ok Google, 25% of 1000
Ok Google, how many km in a mile
Ok Google, how many mililitres in a litre
Ok Google, How many grams in a table spoon

Ok Google, talk to physics buddy
Ok Google, talk to physics buddy to calculate Kinetic Energy
Ok Google, talk to physics buddy to calculate Potential Energy
Ok Google, ask temperature unit converter
Ok Google, speak to temperature unit converter

Language & Translations:
Ok Google, Learn English to Hindi
Ok Google, Learn Hindi to English
Ok Google, teach me English
Ok Google, 'Nice to meet you' in Malayalam
Ok Google, translate 'Good Morning in Tamil
Ok Google, what is Hello in Gujarati
Ok Google, ask smart translator to translate home in German
Ok Google, ask smart translator what is cat
Ok Google, what is 'see you soon' in French

English language:
Ok Google, ask English King for English grammar
Ok Google, ask English King for new words
Ok Google, ask English King to recite me a poem
Ok Google, ask English King to make me laugh
Ok Google, ask English King to tell me an interesting fact
Ok Google, what is noun
Ok Google, what is adjective
Ok Google, talk to writing prompts
Ok Google, can I talk to writing prompts 
Ok Google, Let me talk to writing prompts
Ok Google, Speak to writing prompts
Ok Google, ask writing prompts

Ok Google, can I talk to facts about space
Ok Google, let me speak to facts about space
Ok Google, speak to facts about space
Ok Google, talk to facts about space
Ok Google, ask ISS info for the news
Ok Google, ask ISS info when I can see it from Rajasthan India
Ok Google, ask ISS info where is the space station
Ok Google, ask ISS info who is on board
Ok Google, talk to ISS info

Quiz & Facts:
Ok Google, talk to fact India
Ok Google, talk to guess the place 
Ok Google, play Animal Trivia
Ok Google, Tell me an interesting fact
Ok Google, tell me some cat fact
Ok Google, tell me some dog fact

3rd Party Apps:
Ok Google, talk to ISS info
Ok Google, talk to smart translator
Ok Google, talk to physics buddy
Ok Google, talk to English King
Ok Google, talk to Binary Translation
Ok Google, talk to virtual nurse
Ok Google, talk to ISS info
Ok Google, talk to fact India
Ok Google, talk to guess the place 
Ok Google, talk to writing prompts

Ok Google, Tell me a joke
Ok Google, Play Games
Ok Google, play Lucky trivia
Ok Google, guess a number
Ok Google, play Bollywood quiz
Ok Google, play mad libs
Ok Google, Play a game with my family
Ok Google, Let's play SongPop
Ok Google, Let's play Movie Trivia
Ok Google, Play Freeze Dance
Ok Google, Play Musical Chairs
Ok Google, Play Tic-tac-toe
Ok Google, Talk to Rogue's Choice
Ok Google, Let's play Jungle Adventure

For the list of other Google Home commands you can refer my article  - Comprehensive list of Google Home Commands.

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